14 May 2014

The Day We Entered The Courthouse As Two, And Left As One

Six years.

Six years ago today, we walked, hand in hand, into that Brunswick County Courthouse, and said "I Do". Six years we've been working on figuring out this whole "work as a team" thing ... and by this point, we are starting to get into a groove. Every year, we learn something new, every day, really. Some little tidbit about each other, something one likes or doesn't like {even if 5 minutes prior that like/dislike was different} or some way to work better as a unit. The past 365 days of marriage have been no different. But I think the biggest thing we've done this year is come together not only as a team, but as parents. For us, parenting has always been where we've butted heads, where we've differed greatly. But over the past year, we've worked harder at not working against each other. Not defying the other. Standing together on all matters within this household.

For us, in order to co-partner, we must also co-parent.

Six years. It's taken us six years to get to this point ... six years of learning lessons the hard way, the easy way ... and sometimes the stubborn "don't want to admit I was wrong" way, too.

I look forward to the lessons we learn over the next 6 years ... the next 16 years  ... and the next 60 years. Here's to a lifetime of lesson-learning together, babe!


  1. Happy Happy Anniversary! :) Wishing you many more wonderful years together.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! Yall are such baaaabies in that photo!!! Love it! Happy Anniversary y'all!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! I love this picture!