13 May 2014

A Walk On The Wild Side

There are days when my kids act wild. Like animals, prowling the jungle. Searching for prey ... ready to pouch on any unsuspecting victim that crosses their path. On those days, I have to do my best to find the easiest activities that might entertain them, even just for a few moments, to distract them, avert their attention somewhere, and keep them from killing each other, or better yet, me. Its not always easy ... but recently, we found a "jungle" in our backyard, and I took the kids there to discover all the "wild life" and see what was lurking in the bushes. It worked like a charm -- the kids were so distracted by all the pretty flowers they forgot what they had been fighting about, and at least for a little while, our day was back to normal. So what did we find in our homeland jungle? No wild animals, other than these kids, I promise you ... but plenty of beautiful growth, thats for sure. And now, as the summer sets in, and temperatures climb, the petals are dropping to the grown, turning brown and crunchy, and the kids still ask to go "look at the pink flowers" every day ... to take a time out for a minute and just soak it all in. Until every last flower has fallen, we'll use that jungle as our own private get away ... as our own jungle at home!


  1. Gorgeous flowers! We do something like this, but we go looking for "dinosaurs" on walks through the woods :-)

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous flowers!!! :) Such a fun post.