10 April 2014

Kiddo Cutes

Sometimes, kids are down-right sweet. Sometimes they can be sassy, or crazy. And sometimes they are just silly. Our S is all of the above, rolled into one awesome little girl. And this month, the things that came out of her mouth have been no different from months' past -- surprising, and leaving us smiling or laughing no matter the occasion! 

"God loves me when I'm good ... and when I'm bad!" 

"Ohhh, I have a headache. I must have slept on my head and wrinkled it, Mommy!" 

Mommy: "S, put your shirt back on, please!"
S: "No!"
Mommy: "Now, S!"
S: "I can't! My baby -- see?! She wants boob!" 

While watching Good Luck Charlie on Disney: 
S: Are they going to fall in LOVE?!
Mommy: "I think they are!"
S: "OHMYGOSH! He's giving her a RING!!!!"
Mommy: "No ... I think he's just giving her a kiss..."
S: "Oh ...." (She was clearly let down ...)

S to Mommy: "Sit down with me. We need to have a talk ..." 

Oh this girl! She always knows how to lighten the moment, even if she's saying something she really shouldn't be. Surely, she pushes buttons, and doesn't always listen, but at least she keeps our home full of love and laughter, day after day! 


  1. Aww she is seriously adorable! :)

  2. I LOVE reading blog posts with conversations adults have with kids. They crack. me. up. Kids really do say the darndest things!

  3. Man...! V never says anything good! There was one thing yesterday, but I forgot... :/