20 December 2013

Currently ...

It's the middle of December, and we are: 

BAKING all those yummy christmas treats! We made salted caramel pretzel bark last week, m&m cookies and a Christmas cranberry cake earlier this week. And I'd still like to make some peanut butter crunch/fudge and maybe some rice krispy treats {just because the kids are loving them}. As long as other people are willing to eat them -- Lord knows I don't need it all! 

BUYING Christmas gifts with S's own money! She knew exactly what she wanted to get her Daddy {a shirt -- and we found a Sons of Anarchy one that he should *love*} but had to look at every aisle for a gift fit for her brother. She made sure to get his opinion on everything she chose. Such a giving heart -- I have a feeling it will be one of her love languages! 

DEALING with the work order that has been passed our way. We finally found out M will be heading back to his previous prison -- but we were hopeful that he would get on the transportation crew, and continue working 4-5 days a week, with shorter hours. As it stands now, we didn't get what we were hoping for. He'll be back on 2-week block schedule, 12-hour shifts. We've dealt before  ... we'll do it again. At least we don't have to worry about moving just yet! 

DISCOVERING new places around us to check out for new Holiday fun! We went to Lights on the Neuse last weekend, have heard about some fun places in town that have choreographed christmas lights that we might drive by so the kids {and us kid-like adults} can see, and there's a new coffee {and treat} shop downtown we want to check out some cold afternoon. Cocoa for the kids, coffees for the grown ups! Yum! 

FEELING blessed! If you're on my Facebook, you've probably already heard the story, but for those that aren't: Monday, the kids and I were at Walmart. S wanted to do some holiday shopping of her own for M and L. We gave her $20 and let her buy them what she wanted. When we got to the register, the man in front of us had only a few items, but offered to let us go ahead of him, mentioning it must be tough in a store at Christmas with young kids. We stepped up to pay, and S was about to hand the cashier her money for her purchases when the same man told the woman to go ahead and ring all of what I was buying up as well, that he was paying for everything. You guys -- I was practically in tears! That was $40 worth of stuff!! Definitely definitely blessed! And something I will never forget! 

LAUGHING at all the silly things L is saying lately! Like asking the nurses before his surgery Wednesday if he could race the beds down the hall! Or calling everyone he sees a "silly goose". He is talking so much more lately -- and everything has us cracking up! 

LOVING The Canadian Tenors! I discovered them a few weeks ago while listening to Pandora, and fell in love instantly! I was so sad to see that they only had 2 US tour dates. One just happened to be in Raleigh, earlier this week. But tickets were $130+ a piece ... and it was the night after L's oral surgery. Maybe next time?! I still love their uplifting spirit! 

MUNCHING on Hershey's Candy Cane bars. I had seen another blogger mention how addicting they were -- and since we're all big mint/chocolate fans over here, I knew I had to get my hands on some. I was a little sad to see that our store only sold them in 6-packs {of full sized bars} but I'm sure I'll be glad that's the case after one or two are gone! 

MISSING cold weather and snow. At least this time of year! The kids keep asking about snow for Christmas ... are we going to get any, are Mimi and Papa getting some? Of course they are, up in Maine. But we're dealing with temps in the 70s this coming weekend ... looks like our chances of a white Christmas are up in smoke!! 

THANKFUL that L's surgery went well. He had to have some dental restoration done to prevent him from busting out any more of his teeth {he knocked one out at 13 months!} and they did it bright and early Wednesday morning. We were home from the ordeal by 10am, and by 11am, he was asking to eat m&ms and running around the playroom with his sister, acting silly. Other than tylenol, there's hasn't been a need for medicine, and he's bounced back like nothing ever happened! 

WRITING addresses on envelopes. We had won photo Christmas cards through a Facebook giveaway, and were very excited. As soon as we got the photo that we wanted, we submitted for everything ... but being that the company is small, and its a busy time of year, even putting our order in the week of Thanksgiving didn't help. We just got the cards yesterday -- and need to get them out in the mail right now! 

What about you?! What are you currently doing? 
What have you been loving about December? 


  1. I want some of those goodies you are making! :)