23 December 2013

Only Two Shopping Days Left!

It's Monday ... 
Only two shopping days left until Christmas, in case you needed another reminder! 

Time seems to be just flying by, really. Its hard to believe its almost 2014. M is now off work for the next week -- and we're going to hopefully enjoy every moment at home together that we can. And the kids are getting so excited for Santa. Every day, we hear "Is it Christmas yet?" a million times!

But we spent our weekend wrapping up a bunch of little things to get things completely ready for Wednesday. 

Saturday, S shopped with her Daddy, and got to enjoy a nice mid-morning brunch out. All the while, L and I finished shopping for stocking stuffers, picked up a homemade ornament at the Keepsake Pottery, and enjoyed a little coffee at Starbucks. That little one has good taste -- he chugged about half of my venti iced latte. Good thing I drink decaf! I spent the rest of the afternoon wrapping S's gifts to prevent her from snooping, and M hit up the holiday work function they had going on.

Sunday, we all got up and around for Church. Because we have another service on Tuesday, Pastor kept it short, and we were out 20 minutes earlier than normal. We visited with my father in law, rented a couple movies, and then came home for a low-key afternoon. After naps, we called my dad to wish him a happy birthday, made a quick dinner and then all settled down together to watch Monsters University! I've never seen the kids so tuned in! It was sweet! 

We still have a few things to get pulled together: I need to finish wrapping for L, make our lasagna in prep for Christmas Eve dinner, and would like to bake a little. Its been raining al day, so its the perfect weather for spending the day in the kitchen! Hopefully after that, we'll be able to relax and enjoy the holiday!! 

How was your weekend? Do you have your shopping done? 
Any last minute plans to fulfill before you can relax for the holiday? 


  1. Love that picture in the bean bags. Monsters University is a great movie. I hope you are ready for Christmas with such an eventful weekend! Merry Christmas to you and your family... if I haven't already wished you one :) My mind is officially mush!

  2. I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas! :)