17 December 2013

Lights on the Neuse

Last Friday, we all piled into the car and drove. 

Through the neighboring town. Across the highway. Down some choked-up side streets. Until we came to a farm. With a field. A tractor-pulled wagon. And a whole lot of Christmas lights, all twinkling and choreographed to the music on the loud speaker! 

It was our first trip to Lights on the Neuse -- and let me just say, it did not disappoint! 

We rode the wagon ride for the mile-long haul through the field of lights, bundled together under a warm blanket. There was Santa's village. A manger scene. Wooden soldiers guarding the American Flag. Reindeer and snowflakes -- and even fake snow, blowing around inside a lit-up greenhouse! 

The kids had a blast! 

When the ride was done, we headed over to see Santa, and tell him what we were hoping to find under our tree, come Christmas morning! Amazingly, both kids did great! And sat there without Mom or Dad -- for the first time in years! They smiled, laughed, chatted, and gave high fives! 

We stopped in the barn for a quick treat of hot cocoa, warm apple cider, and some chocolate bites for the kids. And ate them outside, in the dark and freezing cold. The kids were happier than I've seen them in awhile -- they couldn't be bothered by frigid fingers, or breath that could be seen in the night air! Cold doesn't seem to matter to little ones! 

Safe to say, this place is our new "favorite" location for Christmas cheer! We will definitely be back next year, and for years to come!! 

Ooooh yea -- and about that sit-down with Santa?! Once we got back to the car, S told me, plain as day "Mom ... that Santa wasn't real. I could tell." I just ... sighed. She's only 4. Deny, Deny, Deny. I told her he was, in fact, real, because who else could bring presents to so many kids all in one night?! Thankfully, she bought it -- and still seems to believe here at home. Guess we're going to have to start with the "Santa's Helpers" line next year! 


  1. What a cool place! I love that it's a hayride through the field. What a great experience! Love to see those smiling faces.

  2. What a cool place! I love that it's a hayride through the field to see the lights. Love to see those smiling faces!

  3. What a beautiful looking place! Hot cocoa in a barn sounds so so nice! I'm glad the kids had a great time!