16 December 2013

It's Monday - Don't Forget to Be Awesome!

Happy Monday! 

What a weekend it's been. What a week, really -- my parents were in town since the 8th, and just made it out of North Carolina early this morning after a cancelled string of flights on Saturday. We enjoyed having them around -- especially the kids. Between date time for M and myself, shopping trips, and plenty of projects around the house with the kids, everyone got to enjoy the visit. Time always flies by when they are here.


Friday night we went to check out some Christmas lights, and visit with Santa. It was a blast -- but that's a bit of a story for another time and place. But it was nice to be able to do something fun and festive with the Grandparents in town. 


Saturday we decided to head to town for a couple errands, and hit up the mall while we were at it. I am *so* glad that we did. They were having some great sales, and thanks to a Doorbuster sale at JCPenny {that we noticed at 12:45pm -- and it was ending at 1pm} I was able to score a $200 winter jacket for $70! I love it -- and can easily see myself wearing it as long as it holds up, which should be for at least the next couple years! 

The kids spent their mall time hanging out with their Papa. He was loaded down with pocket change, and took them to ride the coin rides scattered around inside. Horses, superhero cars, fire trucks. They took their turn on all of them. And when they were bored with that, the walked a few stores down to the annual Christmas display of holiday singing {mechanical} bears. They were entranced! 


Sunday morning, M and I decided that with runny noses and little coughs, we were better off keeping the kids home with their Grandparents, and heading to church by ourselves. It was nice not to have to run around all chaotic trying to get everyone to the correct rooms on time and still having time to settle in ourselves. The childrens church {ages 6-10} performed a few songs at the beginning, and were adorable! 

The kids spent their morning decorating gingerbread cookies with Mimi and Papa -- and couldn't wait until after dinner to eat them. Until they took one bite and discovered what gingerbread tastes like. At that point, they were over the cookies and wanted the last few sugar cookies we had floating around! 

After clean-ups, and baths, it was time to settle down - so we popped in the new movie they received as their daily Santa Mail treat: Shrek the Halls. Everyone in the living room enjoyed, and laughed -- at the movie, and at the kids' reactions! 


It was one of those good weekends spent with family. Full enough to say we enjoyed without feeling overly lazy, and yet still relaxing enough to not feel stressed out! What a nice way to end the visit -- by going out with a bang! 

How was your weekend? 
Did you fill it with any fun holiday events or activities? 


  1. Sales are awesome...gingerbread cookies are awesome. Sounds like a fun weekend! We had snow...a lot...I don't enjoy snow, but my daughter did! lol.

  2. The gingerbread cookies are awesome! :)

  3. LOVEEEE those gingerbread men!!!