19 December 2013

Our Christmas Library Additions

I've always loved the idea of the Christmas Book Advent ... but we've never really had enough books to do it. And I wasn't on the ball this year, either. So when December 1st rolled around, I hadn't found any more books to add to the stash, in hopes of making this year the year.

But since the beginning of the month, we've accumulated a few to add to the ever-growing pile. With only a few more needed before next December 1st, it looks like we are just about there, and next year could be the year of the book advent! Woo hoo!

But if you are on the lookout for some good winter/Christmas stories, I thought I'd share the ones that we picked up just this year!

1. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Board Books - we actually picked up two of these at the Target Dollar Spot back around Thanksgiving. The illustrations are adorable, and really, they are great when L wants to look at something on his own, turn the pages himself, and toss the book around. I don't have to worry about the pages all getting ripped up!

2. The Christmas Story featuring Ruth J. Morehead's Holly Babes - This was one of my favorites when I was a kid, so I was so excited to find this book back in October at a Kids Consignment Sale. This book is the first we have that touches on the story of Baby Jesus and the real meaning behind the holiday. I just love that its done in a real simple, easy for kids to understand, manner. And those sweet faces! Oh I could eat 'em up!

3. Santa is Coming to Maine - My mom brought this one to the kids while they were visiting, and we've since seen the North Carolina version at our Walmart. I love that this story is fun -- but also slightly personalized, on a state level. Kids can listen, and recognize state landmarks they've visited, and feel like Santa is talking about them in the story, without it actually saying their name!

4. Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia- This came to S as a gift from her Santa Mail, and when I saw it on Amazon, I knew it was right up her alley! She loves all things princesses and Sofia the First right now. And we've seen the episode that the book is based on a bunch of times since it first aired. Any little girl that loves the show would *love* this story in their collection!

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - A Classic for any collection! Not much needs to be said for this book -- its a good, heartwarming story. And since we have our own version of a mini-grinch in this household [my husband] its proof positive that anyone can have a change of heart, any time! We'll keep holding out hope that some day, that change will happen around here!

6. Charlie Brown's Christmas - Again, another classic. This is another one my Mom brought down, and was one of this year's Kohl's Cares books. It's a good sized book, with large pictures! And tells the same story that the cartoon tells. Which is great for my kids right now -- although they enjoy tv and cartoons, they don't often sit still and listen to the whole thing just yet. But for a book? They'll gladly curl up and pay attention! They can still hear about Charlie and Lucy ... Linus and the rest of the gang without losing a half hour of precious play time! Who doesn't love Snoopy, after all?

7. Snowflakes Fall - I guess this story was written as sort of a memorial for the children of Sandy Hook Elementary?! I hadn't heard of it, or seen it, when my Mom brought it for the kids. But I quickly fell in love. There is a message to the story -- that all kids are different, and unique, and have their own special gifts, even if they can't be seen right away. Just like snowflakes -- no two are exactly alike. But in the end, those same snowflakes may go away, like the kids at Sandy Hook. However, eventually they'll find a way to remind us of their beauty. My kids are too young to understand the meaning, but we really love anything Steven Kellogg puts his illustrations on, so this one is a favorite!

8. Grandma Drove the Snow Plow - My family lives in Maine, so they are no strangers to the snow. Nor was I growing up. How hilarious this book would have been if I had had it as a kid. My kids understand snow, see it and know Mimi and Papa get a lot of it, but have never experienced a real white Christmas. This book is cute ... and funny ... and Grandma? She's the hero. She plows the roads so everyone can get to town in time for the annual Christmas event!

Have you added any new Christmas or Winter stories to your collection this year?!
What are your favorites from years past?! 


  1. Great books. Some I've never heard of. I'm really interested in the Santa Comes to (home state) which means I need one for California. And the Snowflakes Fall. Not so much for my kids anymore but for my kinders. Thanks for sharing!