11 November 2013

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Monday, Everyone! 
And Happy Veterans Day, to those who have served {or are still!} 

Our weekend was not as "happy-go-lucky" as we were planning on. Friday afternoon, on the way home from work, M got some not-so-wonderful news regarding his job. He isn't being laid off by the state, so we're happy, obviously. But because of the restructuring they are doing to the prison system, it could mean some bigger changes around here. We should know more later this week, fingers crossed, but it had a big effect on our moods all weekend. Bad news seems to linger like a dark cloud! 

We did our best to keep things pretty normal, and fun, for the kids, though. 

We made it to two Veterans Parades -- our small town parade {which lasted all of 10 minutes!} and the next town over's parade, earlier today, which was great! Every float had a Vet from some time of service or another, different Vets organizations, and even Active Duty units from the base. It was a really good showing of our local pride and support for our military. We were very pleased. 

We ate out a a few days for lunch, spent some time outside, and went to the local Turkey Shoot -- where we filled our freezer with 5 lbs of sausage and 10 packs of pork chops. There are two more next weekend, and we're hoping to add to the pile! 

We had a nice Sunday morning at Church, as well. Although, I must admit, we are really looking forward to our regular pastor coming back in a couple weeks! Although this junior pastor is a great guy, the sermon just isn't the same! 


Last week's goals: I honestly didn't think they were going to get done. And I didn't really pay them much mind with all that we had going on last week. But surprisingly, looking back, 4 our of 5 goals were  completed. I can happily say the kids and I are all on the mend, and the colds are seemingly behind us. For now. Most of the christmas shopping for the kids is done, and I have started on stockings and their "Santa Mail" advent gifts. With the stress of the week, I poured a nice big glass of wine last night, while cooking dinner, and finally was able to relax. After dinner, I got some alone time with each of the kids, and some extra snuggles from them at bedtime.  Overall, it was a good week. 

This week's goals: 

1. Take pictures during our Fire Department Tour
2. Get to both libraries
3. Start back on The Fly Lady cleaning routine 
4. Figure out what I am getting my Dad for Christmas
5. Get to the gym 

Hopefully we'll have a good, successful week! 

What are your goals this week? 


  1. Fingers crossed that everything is okay with his job.

  2. sending good vibes on the job front. i know that stuff can be so stressful!