08 November 2013

Friday is HERE

Dear S: 

This week has been a monster of one. Daddy has been back at school getting re-certified for his job. Trying to squeeze 4 weeks worth of learning into 4 days means only one thing -- we barely see him. 

And I can tell today, especially, that it's starting to wear on everyone! Namely, you and your brother! 

We've had some fun this week. You were able to enjoy your favorite treat - goldfish dipped in apple juice! -- with your buddies at MOPS this week. You always come home giggling about that silly snack, and how you and your friends think its just hilarious. And you brought home a pretty great craft, too. I won't tell you this now, maybe some day, but I can't tell if its a tulip-shaped flower ... or an ear of corn. It's not your fault -- you merely decorated it. But they didn't tell us parents what it was when we picked you up. So, since its the month of Thanksgiving, I'm going to say its a festive ear of corn. 

Yea -- we're going to go with that! 

We ran errands. Did a lot of cleaning. And you helped me catch up on laundry. And you and L have both watched a few more movies than usual. I blame it on the time change. For some reason, that paired with the longer hours, and your brother's poor sick-induced sleeping earlier this week, has made me feel groggy. No amount of hot showers or lazy days have helped. 

But snuggling you guys on the blow up mattress in front of a Disney christmas cartoon? Oh yea -- that's helped. 

And that plan is only going to continue this morning. Disney is showing a new episode of both Doc McStuffins AND Sofia the First, back to back. Both of your favorites. I plan on laying on the mattress with you and fully watching. No phone playing. No emails. No cleaning. Unplugged, undivided attention. You are getting all of me. We can watch and giggle and snuggle and just ... enjoy. 

I think we've earned it. 

We have zero chores on the to-do list ... and only a short errand to run to the store. Hopefully we'll get around to a few preschool projects today. And maybe we'll even go play at McDonald's. Who knows what the day holds. 

But just know -- the week?! Is almost over. And we're going to get back to our normal routine. I promise. 

So please -- can you keep your "I miss Daddy so I'm going to torment YOU!" tantrums to a minimum today? I promise to make the day fun if we can do that! 



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