14 October 2013

Monday: Weekend Recap and Goals

Happy Monday!! 

We had a bit of a fun weekend around here -- even if it was a little cranky, on all our parts! {Blame that on the weather ... lack of naps for the kiddos ... and hormones.}

Friday the kids and I had another one of those lazy days we are becoming quite fond of. We had to run to Walmart for a few things, but otherwise, played, hung out in pajamas, did some house work, and watched cartoons. That's quickly becoming our Friday routine -- and at this point, I am NOT complaining. 

Saturday morning, the kids and I got up and headed to town to handle some things at American Eagle. While we were at the mall, they were having Fire Safety Week celebrations, of sorts -- so the kids came home with a few loot bags full of useless junk, but also got to climb all over a few fire trucks. Which they couldn't have been more excited for. 

But the best part of Saturday was the afternoon. The kids only managed to get an hour's nap, before we threw them in the car and took off for Mike's Farm to ride to go on hayrides and pick pumpkins. It's a bit of a drive from us {over an hour} but in my favorite area {near Jacksonville} so I was more than willing to make the drive. 

And let me just say -- we all had a blast! 

They had animals out that you could feed, tractors you could climb on for photo ops, the hayride out to the pumpkin patch, and a family style restaurant that had some really awesome food. 

Safe to say, after the entire afternoon and evening outside, the kids BOTH passed out in the car on the drive home. 

Sunday was Church -- and another good sermon on bringing the culture back to the church and not letting it all get lost in the "who's better" kind of game. We took M to get a haircut afterwards -- which was much needed, since he was starting to get a little shaggy, and then came home for a quick lunch and naps. 

I baked an apple pie while the kids were sleeping, and we had homemade spaghetti for dinner. Both the kids ate more than we have seen them eat in a LONG time -- two helpings of spaghetti and completely inhaling every last crumb of their pie. Their bellies both were poking out from their shirts when they were done. 

Overall ... it was a nice family weekend. We could have handled a little bit of sun, but at least it wasn't cold and raining the entire time!! So we'll take it. 


Last week's goals went over pretty well. We got back into the gym -- even if half the workouts weren't AS on par as they could have been. I blame the constant up and down weather for messing with my sinuses and leaving me feeling less than stellar. We {obviously} picked up a load of clothes for S from our cousin, got to the dentist, and had a playdate with our MOPS friends, even if it wasn't at the pumpkin patch. That one will be rescheduled for later in the month. 

This week's goals are

1. Finish getting hangers and hanging the rest of S's new clothes
2. Get to town to pay the Vehicle taxes {sad face} 
3. Work on our preschool work -- continue with the letter A and do some apple crafts
4. Read a chapter in my book 
5. Mop the kitchen floor. 

I hate that the last one has to be a "goal" on here -- but its one chore that I do not look forward to doing each time. And it really needs to be done, with two little kids and no dog around to catch their table scraps!! At least if I put it on here, I feel like someone will hold me accountable!! ;) 

What are your goals this week?! 
Did you have a fun and productive weekend? 


  1. Pumpkin patches are always the best! :) Wonderful pictures. :)