15 October 2013

Friendship Flowers

This year, we decided to get more in-depth with some at-home learning, and bought Preschool Palace's curriculum for at-home preschool. We're going at our own speed, and integrating what we are doing into our every day routine, rather than carving out time to specifically sit down at the table. 

Last year, we tried that -- making sure we sat down at the table to learn the day's worksheet, or lesson, etc ... and it just didn't work. My kids? Are too busy, and do not like to sit still. So after a few weeks, S was burnt out and could care less. 

This time? We'll do it differently. And so far, the kids are BOTH loving it. Granted, its only been about a week ... but still. They actually ASK what we are going to learn that day ... and I can just wing it, more or less. 

But the other day, one of the lessons we were talking about was friends. What a friend is, how you can be a good friend ... that kind of thing. You know -- first week of school stuff. 

According to S, a good friend is someone who: 

- is nice. 
- shares their toys. 
- plays with you.
- hugs you. 
- doesn't bite you. 
- likes your clothes {and tells you}! 
- sits with you at snack time. 

And you can be a good friend by doing the same things in return. And according to S, her favorite thing to do with her friends, currently, is to dip their goldfish crackers in their apple juice at snack time {during MOPS} ... 

Hey -- whatever works! 

To wrap up our lesson, we did a craft, and made a friendship flower. Now, the activity written out does it a little differently, figuring there will be more kids than just two siblings. But we went with it anyways -- and I have to say, I *love* the little prints and cannot wait to frame them!! 

And really -- it will be proof later on in life when the kids are fighting with each other that they've always been the best of friends, right?!