16 October 2013

A Different Attachment

For the past couple of months, L has had a bit of an ... obsession, would you say?! 

The moment he wakes up and his feet hit the floor, he's asking for it. Searching for it. And will not sit down to breakfast until he has it. 

He brings it everywhere with him. All over the house as he plays. In the bath tub. To naps and bedtime. In the car -- on trips, to stores, to church. 

He is never without it. 

Most kids his age have a security blanket, or some other kind of soft "lovey" they tote around. 

But not L. 

Even though he has a blanket he loves to have in his crib, its not an attachment thing with him. 

Instead ... my L loves ... 


For the most part, he'll stick to the basket of toddler spoons we have in the kitchen. And usually, he has more than one or two in his hand. If the spoons are all missing, because he has dragged them out and left them Who knows where, he'll resort to the little plastic forks, but not before letting us know he's not happy with that choice. And if forks aren't an option, he walks to my cupboard and requests a measuring spoon ... or four. 

As you can imagine, it means a LOT more utensils in the dishwasher -- I never know if they have just been carried around, or have found their way into his mouth, or even worse, messes. 

But I can promise one thing. If that little boy has a spoon, he has a smile. Others find it strange -- and comment on it often. But all that matters to me?! Is that something so simple can set my man at ease and keep him from melting down. 

Search my purse sometime -- I bet you'll find a couple spoons in there to prove it! 

Just for fun -- can YOU spot the spoons? 


  1. Haha I love this! At least he doesn't have an obsession with knives. :)

  2. AH! Julia's obsessed with spoons, too! We call it her "security spoon." Personally, I don't mind one bit since spoons are easy to find and replace wherever we go!

  3. As a psych major, I think it's so interesting to see what people get attached to. The spoon thing seems like an easy one since you can probably find a spare anywhere. :)