17 October 2013

Currently ...

Currently, we are: 

ANTICIPATING S's 4th birthday. She asks every day if tomorrow is going to be her birthday ... and right now, we are down to 2.5 weeks. So hard to believe my little girl is almost 4. Where has the time gone, right?! This year, she wants a Barbie Birthday. She is going to be so excited to see that she is getting her own individual special cake this year. I can't wait to see her face! 

BAKING pumpkin everything! I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies the other day for our MOPS meeting, and as soon as the smell filled the house, everyone cheered up, and I started planning all the other pumpkin things I could think of to cook up. Pumpkin pancakes, anyone? L has been shoveling in the cookies left and right ... and S has been too, even though she picks out the chocolate chips and throws them away! 

EATING at home! This month we decided to each give up some, M and I. I gave up going to the store for a quick soda and candy bar. And he gave up running through the drive thru constantly for a biscuit and tea, a quick burger, anything really. For me, it was more of a health thing. And I've only caved ONCE and bought a soda. I've had almost NONE in weeks ... which is amazing for me! M? Well .. he's broken down a couple times and run through for something on the way to work ... but he's trying. So that should count for something! {Especially since his reason was for money purposes and not so much health reasons ...} 

ENJOYING fall TV being back on air! Its nice to curl up in the evening with the remote and DVR and watch something with M. Although our DVR has been failing us lately ... and its almost ALWAYS messing up during the same show {Sons of Anarchy}, its still nice to have that option. 

MEETING up with a new friend for a play date at the park. The kids love this new friend we've made ... and I love watching them play with friends their age!  We're actually going this morning to town and letting our kids play and run around while we get to sit and chat. {Okay ... who are we kidding ... two of our kids are still quite young, so we'll most likely spend our time chasing them around ... but its still the thought that counts!} MOPS has been great in introducing us to new people ... and a nice, welcome break! 

READING nothing. So sad ... but I seem to have slacked off from reading. I got a great book for my birthday, barreled through half of it ... and now am at a stalemate. The book hasn't gone dry ... but I guess I've filled my time with that Fall TV I was talking about ... and less with the reading. Note to self: The DVR will still be there ... pick up your BOOK! 

THANKFUL for this season! It's always my favorite time of year. The crisp air ... the clothes ... the smells ... the holidays coming up! I love it all ... there is just something about life that automatically changes ... improves ... after that first cool morning! Even the kids have been loving being back outside without sweating! 
TRYING to manage my time better. Making M's lunches at night. Watching a show or two here and there, but not getting too caught up in anything. There's time for blogging, tv shows, snuggling, cleaning, cooking, playing ... now to just making a little to squeeze in some reading! It Can Be Done!

WEARING boots!! Two years ago, I finally broke down and bought a pair of the Ariat Fat Baby boots {with white stitching instead of pink} I had my eyes on since high school. And they are still just as great now as they were when I first bought them ... if not even better!! They go with just about everything, can get dirty and clean up easily, and really, are just comfortable! Now its just a matter of remembering how to drive with something so heavy on my foot. Even S is getting in on the boot wearing -- now that she has a brown pair of cowgirl boots and some black motorcycle boots, too! She's loving skinny jeans tucked in already!! 

What about you?! What are you currently doing? 
What have you been loving about October? 


  1. I am so ready for Kyle to be home so I can get back to cooking. It's so easy when he is away to run through a drive through.

  2. They are so adorable in that photo!!! Their outfits are great!! We're still running around like mad people over here. It's freaking cold, and I can't wait to leave tomorrow!!

  3. Love the boots! Good luck on getting back into reading, I'm in that boat myself.