18 October 2013

Learning Our Lessons at the Table

Because we decided to do a lot more preschool work here at home this year, I got it into my head that S needed a "work space" of sorts -- a place where she could sit and spread out to do her craft, or look at a book. 

A little table of her own. 

So after perusing around online a bunch, I finally settled on a table with two little chairs and had it ordered. 

{Side note: Can I just say this!? For the price these companies want to charge for a small table and chairs, there is a lot of cheap looking junk out there?! It took me awhile to find something that wasn't flimsy plastic, priced at $100! And one that came with good reviews ... hence why it took me a little while to settle on something!} 

I wasn't looking for a lot -- something rectangular, so there was space to spread out ... wooden so it would hold up over the next few years without chair legs buckling. And with only two chairs -- because with only two kids, the extra chairs would just be extra clutter that would get dragged from room to room. 

The exact table we were looking for was finally delivered yesterday. So once the kids were in bed, I sat down with my handy dandy toolbag and put it all together.

Lets just say I have a new appreciation for Santa's elves!! 

It wasn't difficult, and in the grand scheme of things, didn't take long to do. In less than an hour I had it all assembled and ready for the kids to find come morning time. 

But oh all the little steps -- and really, they don't make good directions for things like that. One sheet with only pictures and correlating letters ... 

But its done. 

And the kids are enjoying it!! 

Those smiles? That's what makes it all worth it in the end!! And I can clearly see us getting plenty of use out of this table!! 

Have you ever spent your evening putting together furniture for your kids?! 
Worth it, isn't it?! Or was it a bigger pain in the butt? 


  1. I love the table, it's such a good idea.

  2. Well, we don't have kids yet but we could use a small table in our balcony :p

  3. Love the smiles! We got the munchkin her own desk this year and she actually argues less about homework now. ;)