07 October 2013

Weekend Recap & Weekly Goals

Happy Monday!! 

I hope you all had a nice weekend! I know ours was slow-paced, but well enjoyed! 

Friday, the kids and I had a lazy pajama day around the house. I was dragging, and felt overly tired, so it was perfect. There was no cleaning done. Didn't shower until almost lunch time. We just played and played, and played some more. And then we all sat down to watch a movie together. 

Very relaxing! 

That evening after dinner, we loaded into the car and took the kids to get some ice cream. We made it a goal this month to eat more meals at home [since my husband likes to hit up the drive thru A LOT during work for something quick] but we figured something little like this would be a nice treat for everyone. 

And the kids LOVED the ice cream sandwiches they picked out! 

Saturday morning, we hadn't told the kids yet, but we were taking them to a parade. One of the towns close to us was celebrating Railroad Days, and they always have a nice parade full of little pageant princesses {S's favorite} and motorcycles, tractors, and classic cars. L loved the fire trucks, too. It was hot in the sun, but we had a great time! 

Sunday was church day. It's always nice to see friends, and other friendly faces, and hear about the cute things our kids are learning in their classrooms. We always get good reports back, as well. And this weekend, we had guest speakers from some recent missions trips our church has sent out. It was a good positive message, even if it did veer from the normal sermon. 

We spent the rest of our time catching up on the DVR, watching episodes of Orange is the New Black, and playing until our heart's content with the kids. {And of course, as is evident by the lack of any good photos, I forgot the camera at home, and didn't bust out the phone much, either ... slacking!}


Last week, we had some great goals -- and I am happy to report they all got accomplished!! The sale was a success {and we'll find out later today just *how* successful we were!}, I didn't have any soda or candy, no matter how hard that's proving itself to be. We followed our meal plan, and didn't eat any of our meals outside the house {except Sunday after church, which we have deemed okay!}. We rid ourselves of some unnecessary furniture that was laying around, and have our eyes on a few other things that need to make their way to Goodwill. And Friday, the kids and I curled up to watch a movie in our pajamas. It was a great way to end a busy week! 

This week, our goals are: 

1. *Finally* make it to my next dentist appointment -- I've had to cancel too many lately. 
2. Take the kids on our Pumpkin Farm play-date with MOPS
3.  Meet up with M's cousin to pick up a bunch of clothes for S!!  
4.  Get to the gym TWICE
5.  Pack up the Hummer with a big load to take to Goodwill over the weekend. 

What are your goals this week?! 


  1. Yay for accomplishing goals! Nothing better than getting things done. :)