08 October 2013

Our Evening Line Up

Is it just me ... or is anyone else all of a sudden thrown back into the land of DVR's and new tv shows?! 

It seems like over the summer, I found time for lots of other activities: some reading, some crafting, projects around the house. And a lot of it was because -- Hello! There isn't a WHOLE LOT of quality tv on during those summer months. 

Sure, maybe a show or two, here and there. But nothing much. 

And then all of a sudden, its the end of September, and the tv world awakens!! 

My days lately have been filled with DVR time. And for the first time in years, {at least as long as I can remember} my line-up doesn't involve any of the NEW new shows. I am shocked! 

Here's what we've gotten drawn back into: 

Two Broke Girls 

Sons of Anarchy 
Chicago Fire 

Big Bang Theory
Grey's Anatomy

Undercover Boss
Hawaii Five-O
Blue Bloods 

Clearly, Tuesday and Friday evenings, our DVR is working overtime! And by week's end, its full of a lot of cop-type dramas! Clearly, that's our thing

Give it a month or two, and things will slow down. Shows will take a week hiatus, show a re-run here and there, and the DVR won't feel so full. 

But you know what?! In the meantime, I'm kind of enjoying this "excuse" to be a little lazy in the evening, curled up on the couch with the husband. I'm kind of enjoying it ... A LOT! 

What shows are you watching this Fall? 
If you aren't a big tv fan, what activities do you fill your evening with? 


  1. NCIS, NCIS: LA, Big Bang Theory, and Hawaii Five-O! Yes! Love all of those and love the fall line up! I also like Hart of Dixie and Person of Interest!

  2. Oh how I love The Big Bang Theory! :)

  3. I need to check when shows are on. Usually our nights are filled with football. Monday is Bones, and our Tuesday show just ended. Love modern family on Wednesdays.

  4. I just wrote about this in a post. We're TV junkies! Grey's Anatomy and SNL are our two main "couple" shows - we have to watch them together. Parenthood is my personal jam. And then we fill in the blanks with funny 30 minute sitcoms. I'm also obsessed with Pretty Little Liars!