09 October 2013

The Time Has Come For a Little Cut

Being the oldest, S has seen her "first" milestones, obviously, before her brother. They came, were celebrated, and then moved on to learning and reaching the next milestone. 

However, there is one "first" that L is going to beat S to ... and that's a first haircut! S is almost 4 [next month, AHHHHH!] and still doesn't have hair that hangs over her shoulders. Definitely not long enough to warrant any kind of a cut, in the least. 

But L?! He's starting to look shaggy. The time is coming near. And I think we'll celebrate this first of his and make a big deal out of it. One of those fancy kids only hair salons with the neat seats and fun hairdressers. 

M wants us to get him a medium fade ... to match Daddy. Or even a high and tight. I always convinced myself I was the mom that didn't get emotional over hair -- I mean, it just grows back, right?! 

But the closer it gets, the more I find myself pushing for just a trim ... a little snip here, a little cut there. 

To keep my baby looking like a baby ... and less like a little man! 

Maybe M will get his way -- after all, we *did* agree that L will have a grown haircut as a boy, and not some of the shaggier hair we see on little boys these days. Military hair cuts for this little boy. As long as we can say so ... 

But maybe, somewhere deep down, this Mama is hoping that L won't even sit still long enough for something other than a little trim. 

He's my last baby ... I'd like to keep him baby-ish for as long as possible!! 

Have you cut your little one's hair yet?! Did you get emotional? 
What about your own hair -- is it just hair, or do you cry if it doesn't come out right? 


  1. My mom insisted on cutting Vs hair and it was awful!!!! I'll never let her touch my kids with scissors again. Adri hasn't had one yet. It'll be a while

  2. I love his hair, it's so cute!

  3. Not there yet with kids BUT I can tell you I will totally get emotional when the time comes. Plus, now you can say he is going for the California surfer boy look!