10 October 2013

Packing for a Drive Down the Road

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Yesterday, I loaded the kids into the car mid-morning and we took off down the road. We were meeting up with M's cousin -- she had bags of clothes her daughter had outgrown that she wanted to pass on to S. 

And S couldn't have been more excited if she tried! She loves her cousin {the little girl} and was over the moon that she wanted to share her clothes with her. 

But first ... we had to get there. 

Now, my kids are used to being in the car for a little ride. We live sort of in the middle of nowhere -- it takes us almost a half hour in one direction to get to base to grocery shop, and about 20 minutes in the other direction to get to the other neighbor town to use the gym. Nothing for us is just a five minute drive down the road. 

But how do you entertain kids for a ride more than they are used to ... but less than a full-blown road trip {where you might bring a whole bag of entertainment}? 

I had planned ahead -- and it worked out great. I heard minimal fighting, and lots of happy kid noises, coming from my backseat during the hour it took us to get where we were going. 

This is what I brought along with us: 

And really, whenever we are going somewhere an hour or more away, these are the same items we bring. Sure, I may switch it up and add a few books, or trade out the dolls for a Barbie and a couple toy cars. But these few things are easy to carry as we are leaving the house, and just enough to stimulate and entertain the kids for the drive ahead. 

Oh -- and about the spoons? Yea ... they aren't to eat the cereal/snack with. L? He insists on always carrying a spoon with him. Not sure why ... but I'll cover that more on another post! 

What about you -- do you pack anything special for long car rides?
Do you allow snacks in the car? Or do you prefer to stop somewhere when the kids are hungry?


  1. You pinned this one, right?? LOL I always bring the doodle board too, but it never gets used... It's the perfect raod trip entertainment.

  2. So glad everything went smoothly! :)