11 October 2013

Happiness is A Bag of New Clothes

This has been the scene, for the past couple of days, in our house. 

Ever since we picked up 5 trash bags full of clothes and shoes for S from M's cousin, she has been elbow deep in "playing" with them. 

I sorted out the clothes as soon as we got them home -- and about 95% of it fits her, and is for the cold season. To say that her closet needs an add-on is an understatement! But boy is this girl happy! 

Not only does she love all things clothes and shoes lately, but these clothes and shoes come from her cousin, her idol, so to speak. 

Every day, when she wakes up, I hear, "Mommy ... can I just play with my clothes?" She wants to sort things into piles. Because I haven't hung everything up {I need to buy more hangers}, there is still a stack of clothes waiting in the living room, and another bag with a few summer outfits in it. She gets down on the floor, looks at everything, holds it up to her, and daydreams, I suppose, of the day she can wear it all. 

She puts the shoes in a line. Tries on each pair. Proclaims, "Oh Mommy! They fit! Look ... aren't they cute!!!" as she parades around the house. 

I am grateful. 

Grateful for M's cousin, and her kind and generous heart. 

Grateful for the clothes -- and more than we know what to do with. We were needing a whole wardrobe for her, and didn't know how we were going to get everything she needed. 

And grateful for the entertainment. Not only for S, as she plays and dreams, and dresses up, but also for me, as I watch her parade around, listen to her daydream, and see her get so excited. 

Sometimes all it takes is something small to make such an enjoyable moment for a little one. 

Sometimes, all it takes are some garbage bags of clothes for a fashion-conscious little girl! 


  1. She's adorable! I feel the same way about new clothes, haha. I had a cousin that I always looked up to who would hand me down clothes from time to time. But mostly, I was the one who would be handing them down. It's a wonderful feeling, either way. :)

  2. How awesome! She looks like she is having a blast. :)

  3. Charlotte is exactly the same way! I recently went through my stash of everything I bought on end of season clearance last year. She loved trying everything on to make sure it fit her. This may come to be a problem down the road....