04 October 2013

Grooming a Little Fashionista

Some days, I have a hard time keeping pants on S. {Okay ... more like some parts of MOST days ...}

And other days, its like she's trying to walk straight off the pages of InStyle Magazine. She looks and looks through her closet, rifling through everything hung up, hemming and hawing over what will look best on her that day. 

And almost always tells me she has "nothing to wear!" 

So I was so thrilled that this week was the large Kids Consignment Sale our area has twice a year. I always manage to find great deals on name brand kids clothes that are barely worn, and I can get a ton of items for less impact on the wallet. 

I knew S needed an entire winter-y wardrobe, as her closet is almost bare of items in her current size. But I also knew that M's cousin is soon to be bringing us 6 totes FULL of her daughter's barely used stuff, as well -- which S couldn't be more excited to wear. 

"Mia's clothes?! Oh My Goodness! I CANT WAIT!" That's all I've heard for weeks now!! 

I didn't want to go too overboard, so I was pretty picky about what I bought her. As I usually am. But a pink soft denim Old Navy jacket for $5? Cute gray and white striped tops from Tommy Hilfiger for $2? GapKids and The Children's Place items for mere pennies? 

Yea ... this little girl was SO excited to see me come home with a bag full of clothes for her! 

And I was excited that I spent less than $100 ... on both kids, plus some books for them. 

I'll post an update soon, her thoughts on the clothes, what she'll wear and what she wont, once she's picked and plucked outfits from the closet to parade around town in! 


On another note, I received my gift the other day from my partner, Alyssa, for September's Snail Mail Collective. The note was sweet, the post card beautiful, and the paper was right up my alley. But it was the bookmark that got me. It was so spot on ... a reminder that I always need. And honestly? It made me cry! 

So thank you, Alyssa. For the thought, the kind words, and the tears. 

Do you ever shop consignment sales?! 
What kinds of great deals have you scored?! 


  1. There was a huge consignment sale twice a year in GA too! They had all sorts of great stuff!

  2. My niece is the same way when it comes to clothes, she loves anything! Haha. :)

  3. Your daughter has the cutest curly blond hair ever!!

  4. That's so funny!!!!! I seriously need to find out if my city has a big consignment sale like this??? I would go crazy!