03 October 2013

An Observation

Everyone everywhere is talking about the ongoing government shutdown. 

I, for one, am *really* glad that they passed a last minute bill to guarantee that our Active Duty military will still get paid. 

As a Medically Retired Military Family, though -- we aren't feel as much of an effect. 


And that's the scary part. 

We've done our reading, and brushed up on all the things that will be affected, including our VA Pension check, if the shutdown lasts longer than a few weeks. 

Luckily, my husband also has a State job, so we have other income ... but it's nothing comparable to his government check. So we joined the crowd of "crazies" Tuesday, and headed for base. 

The commissary?! 

Man! I saw more people in that store than I have in my *LIFE* -- especially given how small our comm is compared to some other bases. Retirees, Active Duty, dependents. All swarming for groceries. 

I went twice, once for regular groceries, and then again to stock up on meat. When we actually put our heads together and realized that, although this could all blow over in a day or two, it could keep on for a week or more ... it was just a smarter financial decision for us that way. 

There was a line wrapped HALF WAY AROUND THE STORE ... and when I found out it was a line to see if there was any chicken left, some voice told me to get in it. 

As you can see, the coolers were wiped out. Pork looked pretty much the same [Welcome to NC ... Pork Country!] and the beef was on it's way out, too. Even after people kept saying there was nothing left, the line remained ... and that voice kept saying "Just stay put. A few minutes more ..." and so I did. 

I got to the front of the line, and one guy working said they had nothing left. All of a sudden, another guy comes from the back with three boxes full of chicken -- wings, breasts, thighs ... and said it was for the taking ... and all reduced 50%. 

At that price, I stocked up for the month, and bought 8 packs of assorted cuts/parts. 

Other parts of base have been affected, as well ... and its sad to drive around and see all the empty parking lots. Even worse -- my husband had a VA appointment at the Hospital Wednesday ... the non-essential desks that weren't staffed there, he said ... it all just makes me angry. 

What about you -- has the shutdown directly affected your family?
Can you think of other programs that should have taken the hit, before Vets? 
I know I can! 


  1. INSANE!! I hope this passes soon; my husband said people in his classes were getting calls saying they needed to come back to their units because they couldn't afford to keep them there. I swear I will flip out if that happens and he has to start this all over again! Hopefully it's figured out soon!

  2. I just wish they would stop paying Congress, since obviously, they aren't doing their jobs. I haven't actually felt any effects yet. Hubs is in the middle of clearing the installation, so there are a few people/services that he needs to clear with that aren't working. If worse comes to worse, his company is just going to sign off on it. We're hoping and thinking that the money to PCS us has already been set aside,but they currently aren't cutting anymore orders.

  3. This whole thing is just getting crazy! Lets hope it doesn't last 21 days like the shutdown in 1995

  4. It hasn't yet but now that I finally have my coupon binder organized Im ready to shop! I do hope that this doesn't last to long.

  5. OMG. Insanity!!!!!! I wonder what the commissary near us was like last week! I need to find out!

    And my husband is a DOD employee. He wasn't furloughed, but it's not quite clear if / when he will be paid? So confusing!