02 October 2013

Where Has My Baby Gone?

Lately, I've noticed more and more that L ... well, he's not so much a baby anymore. He's really turning into a little boy -- and my heart is having a hard time dealing with that. 

He does great now when I drop him off for various things: church, MOPS, and the sitter at the gym! He recognizes the rooms, the toys, and the friends in each place. And always tells me he wants to "pway with fends!" 

Oh yea -- and that whole talking thing?! Its taking off like a rocket! He is to the point now where he will try and repeat just about ANYTHING he hears you say, in his own sweet voice! A major improvement over a few months ago! I can't even keep up with his ever-growing list of words, anymore. 

He has a big love for all things Superhero, lately. Costumes, shows, books, and his new figures, Spider Man and Iron Man. I probably see him zoom past me screaming "Batman Batmaaaaaan! Fast FAST!" at least a handful of times each day. 

And I giggle every time. 

Because really ... not only is it adorable ... but its not such a baby thing, right?! It's totally a boy thing ... and my baby is growing into a big boy! 

Again ... I can't handle it! 

He's picking up some of the not-so-nice little boy things, too -- like hitting a little, and yelling ... spitting. Oh yea ... and playing with himself. 


We're working on harnessing SOME of that, and also realizing that others of those behaviors? Will just work their way out of his system on their own if we ignore them. So we do ... or at least we try. Sometimes, its hard not to laugh! 

We're closing in on L's second birthday ... and everyday closer that we get, I'm reminded we have one day LESS of him being little. I'm enjoying this stage he's at, thoroughly, and trying to soak it all in. 

But I know, soon, my heart is going to break into a million pieces, when I look at that sweet face and don't even see a hint of the baby he once was. 

Mama's baby boy! 


  1. Aww! He just looks like he has the best personality.

  2. When is his bday?? I keep thinking the same thing about Adri. I wish I could keep her as a baby. They grow so fast!