01 October 2013

Invaded by Baby Frogs

Yesterday morning, we got up and around. Everyone ate breakfast, we did a little cleaning, and then got dressed to head out. 

I loaded the kids into the car, headed for the gym. 


Sunday, I had packed the car to the roof full of stuff I needed to drop off for a large children's consignment sale. And while I was doing it, a baby frog got inside. When I noticed him, I swatted him out of the car, and continued to load, and then lock, everything up. 

Apparently, the frog didn't get out of the car, like I thought. 

Less than a mile down the road, S screams. I told her to knock it off, and that we don't scream -- and then she said, "But Mommy ... I don't like frogs! Even though he is a cute one!

I immediately pulled the car over, threw on my 4-way flashers, and got out to find the little bugger. S kept telling me it had jumped over to L's side, and was hanging out with him. 

I couldn't find it anywhere in L's carseat ... and he didn't seem bothered by the situation, either. Just as I was about to shut the door and get back in to drive, I saw him. No bigger than a quarter, hanging out just underneath the seatbelt. 

{Not the same frog ... but could have been its brother! They are so small -- and at night, a ton of them come out at our house!!} 

This time, I made sure to get him completely out of the vehicle. 

And the kids?! They rubbed it in for a bit! S kept screaming "FROG!" at random intervals, and then laughing, while her brother giggled and repeated everything she said! 

At least Monday started off with some laughs?!