16 January 2015

You Can't Plan It All

This week did not go as planned.

Thanks to Mother Nature, school was cancelled one day, we stayed at the house all day for two days, more or less, and managed to catch up on laundry and some cleaning, but otherwise, we all wound up with a good case of cabin fever. By Thursday afternoon, we were all sick of looking at each other, and the walls inside our house.

Safe to say, I have a few things planned for this weekend to get us out and about -- and hopefully they will quell that discontent.

The roads didn't really ice over, like was called for. It got cold, and rained, but otherwise, it was just another winter day in North Carolina. Blink and it will change, I was told. {As if I didn't already know ... I've been here almost 7 years.}

We are still dealing with some early morning risers -- but I'm getting used to the company. Would I rather have some quiet alone time to read or clear my head before the day? Sure. But its been going on like this long enough now, that if its 545am and they aren't awake yet, I'm starting to wonder where they are.

And L is having a hard time adjusting to the whole "no nap" thing, too. He still really needs a nap of some sort, but refuses unless a.} we are driving in the car or b.} its way past the time he should be sleeping. Most nights, as I'm cooking dinner, I turn around and find him curled up in the recliner with a movie, sound asleep. Waking him up from that is quite the task -- and he usually winds up a bear.

A bear who refuses to eat dinner, at that.

Next week is looking to be a bit of the same: S doesn't have school at all -- between a holiday Monday and a teacher workday on Wednesday, all of her preschool is cancelled. Thankfully, its a short work week for M, a MOPS week, and we will still have dance as planned. If the weather keeps up, we're going to be spending a lot of time either inside, driving each other nuts, or invading the nearest indoor playground.

Anyone want to place a bet on how quickly I lose my sanity?!