19 January 2015

Gearing Up For the Week Ahead

Good Morning!

Monday has rolled around again -- not that I mind. It's one of M's short weeks, so he's home today. {Of course, the trade off is that he worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ... so while others were enjoying the weekend, we were hanging solo.} We have a few things we need to take care of today --and then plan to relax for the rest of the afternoon! But all that can wait -- because right now, I have the house to myself, and M has the kids out to breakfast!

Silence ... it's golden!

Our weekend was pretty good for a work weekend. I took the kids to play at McDonalds. I bought one of those fabric-sling bookcases for only $2 {and have plans to DIY it to what I want soon ...}. I worked my first weekend in the nursery at church -- and absolutely fell in love with those babies! Seriously -- I could spend all my time in there and no grow tired of it. One little boy curled up on me and snuggled, before falling asleep. Safe to say -- I didn't put him down!

We also visited with the kids' Pappy -- and went for a golf-cart ride. The kids loved it, and I'm looking forward to more of them, myself, once the weather warms up in a couple months.

We are still dealing with sleep craziness around here -- and true to form, L fell asleep in the living room last night around 545, didn't eat any dinner, and only stirred once I put his pajamas on him. As soon as I laid him back in S's bed, his eyes shut, and I didn't hear a peep out of him. Not really sure how long its going to take him to adjust to no naps ... but this interim? Its rough on all of us!

This week is shaping up to be a fun one: no school all week for S, which means a playdate with her friend at some point. Mops. Church. Dance. And I might even convince M to take me out to a movie!

How is your week looking? Any fun stuff ahead?! 


  1. Sounds like you have a good week planned! I am helping my sister get her new house put together and it's so fun!