14 January 2015

How Do YOU React To Kind?

"Excuse me ma'am ... but I think some of your milk might be leaking ..."

It's crazy how one sentence can either garner a pleasant reaction, or something completely unexpected, in today's world. And it's really a sad thing, honestly. People are so used to being mistreated, used and abused, in all matters of the words, that they don't take anything at face value. They assume there is a hidden agenda. As if no one can do something kind anymore.

And sadly, that's exactly what it's all about.

No one does kind things for others anymore. Not for their friends. Or the people next door. Or the stranger down the way. Not for the mailman. Or the cashier at the store. The handyman. Or even the elderly lady who frequents your local coffee shop. No one seems to go out of their way to help others, or treat them to something, unless of course, they think it will get them attention, or even better, something in return.

We were in Walmart yesterday, picking up some sandwiches for lunch. At the check-out line, a lady the next line over happened to be buying 15-20 gallons of milk. She had placed a few in bags, but not most of the cart. Underneath, I noticed a few places where the milk had spilled, and didn't want the woman to get everything loaded in her car, and get home to a gallon missing half it's milk, or something of the sort.

I caught her attention, and let her know that some of the milk was dripping. And in return? I got not only an attitude from her, but also from the cashier that was scanning this woman's items.

"I KNOW! I have them in bags ..."
"She already KNOWS!"

Seriously?! A "thanks!" would have been enough -- even if you already knew!

Another woman behind this lady in line piped up and said "Well ... I think you missed one then ... because its STILL DRIPPING," and smiled at me.

At least she knew I was just trying to help.

This, people.

This reaction?! This behavior from everyone and their brother? That's exactly why 2015 is our year to show the world how kind and loving we can be without there being a hidden agenda.

This is our year.


  1. It's sad that we live in a society that does not place value on doing nice things for others. It makes me sad.

  2. OMG!!! I was totally not expecting that to go the way it did.. I was all pissy yesterday at the commissary because the two women that were shopping around me, were walking side by side and taking up the entire aisle. Well, we get to the milk section, and one of those ladies told me to be careful because the floor was slippery. So not only did a feel like a jerk for being pissed at them before, but then I was all guilty because she was so nice.
    I think you did a nice thing. I would love for someone to tell me. Sorry you got a crappy reaction. You're spot on with the beginning part of your post and how we as a society, suck.

  3. Wal Mart....no matter what state or part of the country you're in....I find it's the only place where I seem to ALWAYS encounter really rude and unpleasant people.