12 January 2015

Weekend Rundown

This weekend was so good for my soul.

So, so, so good.

Fellowship with friends -- a wonderful women's church conference, uplifting worship, wonderful guest speakers, and plenty of company made my heart glad. And full. Overflowing. What a great way to start the year.

We had a birthday party for our friend's youngest, as well. It was so great to see people we hadn't seen in a little one, and just as nice seeing the friends we see on a regular basis, as well. All the kids were running around playing together. Laughing and giggling, climbing in the firetrucks. It was exactly the way life should be! We are meant to journey through this life with others -- holding them close. We did just that!

Sunday was church. A rush to clean the house. A laid-back cake and playtime birthday party for our own L {because Daddy was working on his actual birthday} and once again, we were surrounded by family and friends. Old and new.

The weekend came to an end quicker than I would have liked, but if this is a sign of the year to come: the friendships that will only grow deeper, the relationships that will develop, and the journey through life that we will continue on, I can only have high hopes.

My heart is full!