08 January 2015

My Reading List

The tail end of 2014 found me without my nose buried in a book. Which isn't normal for me -- usually, I am elbow deep in a good read, constantly finding time to turn a few {or a lot of} pages. But with the kids boycotting outside play because of the impending cold weather, I found less and less time. And to be honest, after reading a few really good books, I had a hard time getting hooked on another story.

Has that ever happened to you? You really love a story SO MUCH that you just cannot find something else that measures up? Its a real Debbie Downer!

But I started the year off fresh -- and have been reading daily, and enjoying my time doing so. I already have a list of what I'd like to read this year, so I thought I'd share what's on my reading list for {at least the beginning of} the year:

And this is only the first few I plan on reading! Sure -- there's a bit of a "theme": a lot of the books I read/am reading are non-fiction or social science in nature. I've always had a hard time really getting into stories like Divergent or Harry Potter or Twilight: stories I know are far-fetched and unlikely to ever come to fruition.

A few of the books on this list are older stories. Three of these books have movies made from their story. One I've already read two or three times, but its just such a good {and fast} read. Some of the books are recommendations {from family, MOPS leadership, and Amazon Wishlist recommendations}. I am sure in between some of these heavier titles, I'll toss in a light chick-lit read, to change the mood and brighten the day a little. But I'm really looking forward to this list, and reading this year.

Are you?! Do you have a "wishlist" of reading you'd like to get done this year? 
What are some books you might recommend adding to my list?  


  1. Unbroken is so good, I am reading it right now! :)

  2. Based on what you have, I'd recommend "Defiant" by Alvin Townley (historical non-fiction, similar to Unbroken) and the Twelfth Imam series by Joel C. Rosenberg. Anything by Rosenberg, but the Twelfth Imam is fantastic.