03 December 2014

The Ringing of the Bells

It's Christmas time. Everywhere you go, you can see signs of it: lights are up, people are shopping and the Salvation Army has their bell-ringers out at every store in town. Ringing their bells, hoping and praying that people will walk by, and if nothing more, drop their spare change into the bucket.

Apparently, we are grooming the next generation bell-ringer here in our home.

Lately, L has been seen around the house, wearing a large jingle bell, and proclaiming, "C'mon everybody! Put your money in the bucket! Merry Christmas. Sissy ... give me your money in the bucket, now! C'mon everyone! Merry Christmas!"

It's sweet, really.

This is the first year that either of the kids have taken much notice, and wanted to do something -- asking each time we see a ringer if I have a pocket of change that they can have to drop in. And it warms my heart, as a Mom. Knowing that they might not understand exactly what Salvation Army is, and does, but that they help people who may not have enough money for Christmas, or even for bare essentials, and they want to help out.

Some days I question, as a Mom, if I am doing a good job in raising them. And then I see things like this? And I know ... somewhere along the line, I haven't failed them quite yet.


  1. You most definitely have not failed, what wonderful kids you are raising!

  2. That's so sweet! When I was little, my grandma was a bell ringer a couple of years and took us with her. I don't remember getting much money :) but I remember doing it!