01 December 2014

Merry December

It was a pretty low-key weekend around these parts. They have been lately, and that's okay. The weeks have been jam-packed and busy. All go-go-go so a few days to do little is not a problem. And it gives me a few minutes to try and clean the house. Which isn't always easy when my almost-three-year-old follows two steps behind me creating a new mess in my wake!

We're almost done Christmas shopping -- and didn't even have to do any Black Friday shopping! The kids and I got a little closer to finishing up M over the weekend, picking up a few things here and there while we were out running some errands. The only hard part about finishing up my shopping this early is that in the days and weeks before Christmas, I know I'll see things and either A.] Want to buy them or B.] Wish I had bought them instead of something else I already have. Which only leads to too many things under the tree that we don't really need. Guess the best solution is to just stay away from the stores!

Church was great -- we had a WorldHelp youth group choir in town this weekend, and they performed the worship portion of the church service. None of the kids were over 10 years old, and from countries all over the world. They were the cutest things ever -- and so sweet! After they were done performing, they walked out into the crowd to leave the room and started hugging so many people -- people they didn't even know! They definitely melted mine and Matthew's hearts!

What about you -- what warmed your heart this weekend, friends?! 


  1. I love your tree, it looks great!

  2. It's nice to have shopping done early, especially if you got good deals!

  3. I love low key weekends during holiday craziness! We put up our decorations and that was enough for me.