25 November 2014

The Week That Was ...

What a week it's been!

We had company in town last week -- and enjoyed spending our days with Mimi and Papa, playing, laughing, and celebrating the upcoming holidays just a little early. The kids soaked up all the attention they could get! We enjoyed home cooked meals, did very little shopping, got a couple fun treats {Krispy Kreme and Sweet Frog} and enjoyed the big holiday parade.

Unfortunately, it seems my parents brought the cold Northern weather with them while they were here. The day their plane landed, it was starting to get cool -- down in the 50s. The days they were here, the sun came out, but it didn't warm up very much. In fact, the morning of the parade, we were all huddled together under a blanket, in winter jackets, trying to steer clear of the wind. Of course, the day they left, it rained ... and the next day, yesterday, it was in the mid-70s all day.

The next few weeks -- few months, really -- are busy ones. Holidays, fun events with friends, lots of time with family, a birthday party, and a whole lot of "every day" life, as well. 2014 ... its really hard to believe its almost at an end!


  1. I can't believe how close we are to the holidays! Time is flying by.