05 December 2014

Merry Friday Afternoon!

{Our new table ... that I LOVE}

The first week of December is behind us, and we managed to keep ourselves busy! S was back in preschool both days this week. She had dance, and continued to work on her routine for their Christmas show. I kept myself busy selling a few items on a local facebook site, and we finally filled our kitchen with a new-to-us table. {And by fill, I mean fill -- the table is 4ft x 8ft! S keeps saying we need to have a feast on it!} L spent the week boycotting sleep -- both at naptime and at bedtime. The weather cooled down, then got unseasonably warm again, and then colder again.

We have a lot planned for this weekend, once again, keeping us plenty busy. And hopefully sometime in there, I can start wrapping gifts. I'd rather get it out of the way, instead of spending ALL OF CHRISTMAS EVE doing it, like I have in the past.

What about you -- where are you on your holiday prep? Have you started shopping? Or finished?