03 November 2014

The Recap

What a weekend! I'll be happy when we have a day with no plans, really -- especially after our jam-packed past weekend! Friday night, we took the kids to base for trick or treating. We got there a little late, and it didn't fail that every street we walked down seemed to be a bum road, and most of the homes weren't doing anything. But the kids still both managed to fill their buckets before coming home. We put it all together, M and I have raided it a few times, and still, the pile is large.

Oh well -- the sugar kick will last until Christmas, most likely!

Saturday morning we got up and around -- the house needed some last minute attention before it was time for S's birthday party! This year, she wanted the Krispy Kreme donut kit as her party, which was awesome! I didn't have to plan too much out! We got donuts and let all the kids decorate them, and then they played and ran off a bit of the sugar before we did presents and everyone went home. No cake and ice cream to worry about.

And the best part?! All of her friends showed up in their pajamas, per her request! It was great, and she was over the moon happy with her day!

We took her out for a family dinner that night, so the rest of the family could see her on her birthday, and then came home to crash! Sunday was spent in church, and running some errands. Between the busy-ness of the weekend, and the time change, I was asleep on the couch before 9pm! Hey -- no shame in my game!

Hope you all had a great Fall weekend -- and didn't forget about the time change! 


  1. I'm so glad she had a fun birthday! :)

  2. Adorable costumes, and what an easy peasy birthday party for the parents to deal with!!!!!

  3. That sounds like such a fun birthday party! I would have a blast at something like that. I miss KK so much!