05 November 2014

Observation Day

For as long as I can remember, S has always wanted to take dance lessons. So this year, when we signed her up, she was over the moon. I couldn't wait to see her in a leotard and little ballet slippers. Every Tuesday afternoon, after she gets done with her class, I quickly ask her what she worked on that day, begging her to show me her dance moves. She gets bashful, and quickly tells me she doesn't remember what she did that day.

So yesterday, when the parents were invited to sit in on their lesson and watch the girls dance, I was like a little school girl!

Seriously, how cute is she!? She listened so well to the teacher, was really excited when it came time to do some of her favorite steps, and sang along to the songs. She and her little friends are absolutely adorable -- and hopefully, this is only the beginning!


  1. She looks so cute and it sounds like she is loving it!

  2. How adorable! That looks like a class that V would love!