06 November 2014

Sleep?! Its For the Birds ...

Sleep Deprivation with a Baby

Sleep has become an unknown concept around here lately.

Neither of my children have ever been great sleepers -- according to my Mom, they come by it very naturally. You know the whole "I hope when you have kids, they are JUST like you ..." conversation that you get from your moms?! Yea ... mine is living out in front of my eyes.

So once I figured I wouldn't get to sleep through the night until my kids were teenagers, I just accepted my fate and dealt with it. Until middle of the night wakings became more frequent, and early morning rising got earlier and earlier.

Six months ago, these kids were sleeping until 7 or 730am.

Today?! They were awake at 430am. Both of them. And there is no amount of convincing to keep the 2 year old in his bed, no matter how many times I walk him back in there, in the dark, hug him, and lay him down. He doesn't stay ...

This only leads them to be cranky and irritable earlier in the morning than normal.

The only thing that has changed around here, really, is that our schedule has gotten more active. Instead of less. So you would think they would be MORE tired, and begging to sleep. Just the opposite. Between preschool two days a week, dance class, church twice a week, MOPS and play dates and playing outside, these kids are getting pretty active.

Some days they nap.

Some days, they don't. And those days?! Their sleep is even WORSE.

We have tried adjusting bedtimes, too. But at this age, I can put them in bed any time I want ... but there is no forcing them to fall asleep until they are ready. Which is usually between 8 and 9pm most nights. Regardless of their 730pm bedtime.

I know its probably a phase. And hopefully a short-lived one, at that. But its a phase I could do without right now. {And don't even start with the "Oh ... more time to cuddle with them" stories, either -- because these kids want nothing to do with any sedentary activity like cuddling at such a time of day -- they just want to run wild and scream at the top of their lungs and play with every toy that makes as much noise as a 10 man percussion band!}

It never fails -- as soon as I talk/write about anything having to do with sleep "issues" in our home, the kids change things up and it gets worse than it was before. So I am full anticipating them waking up at midnight from here on out, and howling at the moon.

It would be my luck!

So if you see me tomorrow morning, the bags under my eyes large enough to climb in and live, my mood crass and grouchy, wearing an oversized sweatshirt and anything else remotely considered "frumpy" -- just know, my kids have siphoned all of my energy and are holding me hostage.

Call for reinforcements ... please!