12 November 2014

...And It Wasn't Even Monday

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I'll Love you forever; I'll like you for always, but if you continue to scream like that I'm going to act like I don't know you.

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Yesterday was one of those days.

It started when both of the kids were up and ready for the day at 430am ... the one day this week when I could really sleep in, and was trying to. That clearly didn't happen.

They were short, and cranky, by mid morning, so I nixed our plans to go to the local parade. I really didn't want to deal with them making a scene over little things, and the sky looked like rain anyways. We took M to lunch, and because we got home late, the kids got a late start on their naps.

With S's dance practice at 3pm, naps wound up being just over an hour long ... which was NOT enough time for those two. Especially given the fact that S didn't sleep ... and L didn't want to wake up. He was clingy the rest of the afternoon.

We got to dance a minute late, so S was trying to put on her shoes and run into class all at the same time.

We ran an errand after dance, and came home to cook dinner. By that point, it was dark out, the kids were destroying the house, and I just wanted to sit and relax ... but that wasn't going to happen. Dinner was good -- albeit a battle with the 2 year old to sit still in his seat and actually eat. I gave up ... and he wound up making a meal out of only mashed potatoes. Whatever.

Then to make the day EVEN BETTER, I realized at 645pm that we needed to go to the store for a few things -- mainly milk and bread. So we ran across town to Walmart.

I was the mom whose kids were running a mile ahead of her. Cutting off people and their shopping carts, as I was apologizing profusely. Touching everything that we didn't need. And then at the register, trying to play with every darn toy that was in their reach. {Why do stores do that?! Ugh!} Once I told L to put the toys back because it was time to go, he copped an attitude, took his arm and wiped out the entire shelf display of 5-hour energy bottles. Of which I really wanted to pocket a few, because I was dead on my feet, and needed something to keep up with these kids!

I managed to get them to clean up the mess, wrangled them to the car, and got them home and in the house with all my hair intact. At which point, they sat down for a few minutes with a cartoon and I hustled around to finish cleaning up for the night and get everyone ready for bedtime.

And don't even get me started on the nightmare that is bedtime lately. Or sleep in general. That's a whole other post.

Safe to say, I was the happiest Mom EVER when bedtime finally came around. Tired ... but happy.

It's a new day ... and hopefully a different day than yesterday! 


  1. Hopefully today is different! :) Have a wonderful day.

  2. i feel like you just summed up my day! nothing worse than having to take 2 already cranky kids out to the store for something quick, bc it never ends up being quick! the best was yesterday as both kids were having a melt down in the shopping cart, some old lady who was behind me waiting i guess couldn't take it anymore, grabbed her items and ran to a different register! HA!