14 November 2014

Closing Out Another Week

Is it really Friday? Already?! Where did this week go? 
Probably the same place the rest of 2014 has disappeared to ... 

It was a roller coaster week around here. Between the fender bender we were in on Monday {thankfully with no injuries, and minimal car damage} -- where the driver was uninsured, and some less than stellar attitudes it hasn't been the most pleasant of weeks. Add in the fact that both of the kids are battling colds, making them cranky, and aren't sleeping good, making that crankiness even worse, and you'd think I was miserable all week. 

There were some bright moments, though. S had preschool both days this week, which was great. We got some work done on M's current VA claim to help move the process along. L was funny, when he wasn't stuck to me, or destroying the house. {almost 3 ... the "busy body" age, I swear!} I managed to sell a few items from around the house, eliminating some unnecessary clutter, and making a few extra dollars, which is always nice. And I managed to pick up a few Christmas gifts, as well. 

I guess I can't really complain. I could ... but what would be the point? There were good moments ... and great moments. And even though they may be clouded by the difficult parts, the fact is, those good/great moments still happened. 

And isn't that what it's all about!? 


  1. I'm so glad no one was injured in the fender bender!

  2. Right..?! What happened to 2014?!
    It feels like it's been the longest 3-day week ever though. We're dealing with colds as well. Hope everyone is feeling better and you have a great weekend!