03 October 2014

We Found Our Routine

It feels like it was Monday, just yesterday! And yet, all day yesterday {Thursday}, I thought it was Friday. Confused yet?! I know I am! Ha!

This week flew by. They all have been, really, now that we are in a routine around here. Two mornings of waking up before the sun to get dressed, inhale breakfast and get out the door as the sun peeks over the horizon, getting S to her preschool bus on time -- and that's a feat, having to battle early morning traffic! Its' taken me awhile to figure out what time we need to leave our house!

We saw some friends, and I enjoyed a little "me-time", thrifting at Goodwill and meeting a friend for lunch, thanks to our MOPS group and a mom's morning out event. It was absolutely therapeutic -- just having a little bit of time to shop alone was like heaven! Being able to enjoy my own lunch, without dirty fingers dipping into my plate to steal whatever they like? Felt like a mini vacation! And the kids had a blast, watching Frozen and playing with their friends!

I battled a sinus cold/infection. But thanks to some motrin and tylenol sinus, it seems to be on it's way out! I hit up the twice-yearly children's consignment sale and got both kids enough jeans to {hopefully} last them until shorts weather again next year! I also managed to get L a bike for his birthday in almost brand new quality -- whomever owned it before maybe rode it twice! Such a steal -- and he's going to love it!

We're gearing up for another fun weekend around here! The fair this evening, which the kids can't stop talking about. A parade and getting to see the trains. Church. And plenty of time outside. Maybe even an evening out for ice cream!

The week went fast -- but it was good.

So good!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to hear all about the fair. :)

  2. Ugh! I've been dealing with a sinus thing too! I need to get my thrift on around here!