06 October 2014

A Few Days Full of Fun

This weekend was full of goodness -- chock full of it, really. We spent our evenings out late, enjoying the cooler fall air, soaking in the entertainment of the local county fair, and watching the smiles grow on our kids faces. They rode rides until we wouldn't let them anymore -- and then we stopped for funnel cake and cotton candy. The kids surprised us with the rides they liked -- and even the ones they didn't! Ones they liked before, they suddenly didn't care for. And S? She was our ride daredevil, even riding one that resembled hang-gliding. And she loved it!

Saturday, we drove to the next town over for Railroad Days. Really, we just went for the parade -- its become sort of tradition for us over the past few years. Sadly, this year's was much shorter than past parades, but at least the sun was out. It was relatively warm and comfortable. And the kids came home with a bag full of candy -- they were tickled!

Saturday and Sunday, I nursed my voice. After the sickies, otherwise known as my sinus cold, seemed to have gone away, it only traveled farther south, taking up residence in my vocal chords. The funniest part?! I felt great ... I just sounded ridiculous! The kids were pleased -- it meant they could act like they didn't hear what I said ... and I couldn't raise my voice to get them to fall in line and behave! Lucky them.

Church was great. Time with friends was nice, and dinner at our friends' house was unexpected, but enjoyable. These times are what good memories are made from ... and Fall is quickly becoming our favorite time of year for memory making around here!


  1. What an awesome weekend and I am so glad that the fair turned out to be awesome. :)