07 October 2014

Carolina Kid's Consignment Sale


This past weekend was one of my favorite weekends of the year: the local Kids Consignment Sale! I know I've briefly mentioned it in the past. But seriously -- it has become my absolute go-to for my kids clothes! I don't know how I would be able to afford outfitting them in such cute clothes if I had to buy everything at retail price in stores! And by selling our own stuff, too, we are able to make room in the house {and the kids' closets} for what we are going to buy!

This season was no different! I spent all of September getting everything together in one place in the house, all the clothes hung, tagged and organized. Slowly sorting through books and toys without the kids noticing just how much I was weeding out of their "stash" and getting rid of. And then waiting until the day we can load everything into the car and take it to location for drop-off. I am always amazed with how well the kids do, though -- they tag along and help me put books on the table, unload their toys, and never once throw a fit about something I've decided to sell.

Thursday, I left the kids at home, and took my turn at shopping! I am always amazed at the deals I find! I managed to buy the kids a total of 18 pairs of jeans -- 9 pair a piece -- all Carters, Children's Place, Old Navy, etc. As well as 20+ tops. A pair of brown leather moccasins for S. Uno Moo. A wooden Melissa and Doug tool set. Some Monsters Inc coloring activity kit. Two Christmas movies. And a bike with training wheels for L's birthday that's in BRAND NEW condition -- the tires have no wear on them at all! And I spent less than $200! After final tally, I made over $250 from the stuff that I was able to sell ... so I definitely more than made back what I spent, too!

Sometimes you have to be willing to spend the time and search at these kinds of sales -- there are some people who clearly treasure the items they are selling and forget they are USED. These are the people who are trying to sell a pair of worn pajamas for $10 or a little girl's dress for $15. Regardless of the brand. But if you are willing to put in a few minutes to push through the racks, you'd be amazed at what you'll find!

The sale in our area goes clear through pre-teen sizes ... and I can almost 100% guarantee that I will still be shopping there when my kids are that age/size!

What about you? Do you shop consignment sales?! 
What are some of the great deals YOU'VE found?! 


  1. I love trying to find good consignment sales, I look for my niece and nephew. Sometimes it definitely can be hit or miss.

  2. I went to the big consignment sale in our area a few weeks ago. But I made the mistake of not realizing that military could go on preview night! I'm sure I missed out on some good deals! I was still able to find a few cute things though. But you are right about those people who want an arm and a leg on USED stuff.