10 October 2014

Its Finally Friday

What a week. Honestly, there were a few moments that I didn't know if we would all survive, with our sanity intact. Probably more than just a few of those moments, really. Once a year, M has to get re-certified for his job, and this week was it. Which mean four days of 12-14+ hours -- he leaves before the kids wake up, and most nights, he's home after they are already in bed. And by Thursday, it was really just wearing on us all.

Our first preschool day this week was cancelled at the very last minute -- as we pulled into the parking lot for drop-off, I get a phone call that the bus wouldn't start, therefore they needed a mechanic, and have no back up. At least there was still class on Wednesday.

This week, we had blood drawn at the hospital. We baked banana bread. We met new ladies at our MOPS group, and played with old friends who are becoming fast favorites. We worked on our cartwheels, got a cake pop treat at Starbucks, and found a few fun steals at Goodwill! We dealt with a sour-stomached cat, spent plenty of time outside in the sunshine, dug out the play doh, and visited with our Pappy.

Overall ... the week went fast. And I am so grateful for that. Now, bring on the weekend!