16 October 2014

Pushing Aside the Sloth Within Me

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Yesterday was just one of those days.

We ran errands all morning -- and the kids weren't happy after the second stop. The list was long, and they survived, but they made it known each step of the way that they would rather be at home. And on top of the never ending errand list, we had the never ending rain storm, to boot.

It was the kind of day you want to throw on some sweatpants, curl up on the couch with a movie or a good book, and just get lost. Maybe take a nap. Do anything but be productive.

And you know -- that's just what I did, as soon as we got home and the kids were down for a nap. I turned on the DVR, watched a couple shows, lounged with the cat, and eventually woke up, realizing I had been napping for who knows how long! Productive? Nope. Comfortable?! You betcha!

I finally got off my bum and woke the kids up, who had both given in to rainy-day naps, as well. They asked for a movie, and I gladly obliged -- who was I to deny them that same laziness that I had just found and enjoyed myself.

And this feeling just crept over me -- this incredible lack of motivation. Laundry? Who wants to do that. Cook dinner? No way ... we'll survive off sandwiches. Rainbows class tonight for S? It's okay if she misses this one time.

And then I read a status message on Facebook ... about our pastor, and his recent health episode. And it dawned on me: I can. So I should!

Here I am, alive. Healthy. And fully capable. All because of His grace. So why was I caving to this overwhelming feeling of nothingness?!

I tossed the laundry in the washer -- thankful that we have clothes on our backs, and can afford the water needed to wash them with. I put dinner on the stove -- grateful that we have enough to eat, that our bellies never know what it's like to miss a meal. And I prepared our stuff for Rainbows/church class. Because there is never a time when soaking up The Word isn't food for my soul. When prayer and worship and praise don't lift me up and leave me feeling solid, whole, capable, and worthy.

The dvds will be there tomorrow. Today?! I'll get to work, because He gave me today. The only today there will be. And I need to put it to good use.

What are you doing today?! 


  1. Love this, it's so important to take advantage of the days we have been given. :)

  2. Way to go AShley! I did a bunch of cleaning and laundry today in preparation for having visitors soon.