14 October 2014

Saying Good-Bye to Beach Season

A few weeks ago, we had our last walk in the sand for this season. We got together with a few friends, lathered on the sunscreen, hauled out bags of sand toys, and had a great day outside. It was mid-September, and we were in bathing suits, enjoying 85 degree weather! We flew kites. Dug for shells and sharks' teeth. Buried the kids' legs. And jumped in the waves. Each one of us had a sad look on our faces when it was time to get in the car and drive away from that mini-paradise. And not only do we miss the beach -- the sun, the sand and the salty air, but we miss our friends, too. I'm sure we'll get down to see them soon, even if the weather is less than perfect ... and slightly cooler. But the beach days will have to wait until next season.

At least the last one was a great one!


  1. Definitely a great last time at the beach. I miss being so close to one.