17 October 2014

Kiddo Cutes

Lemme just tell you -- these kids have been giving me a run for my money, lately! Most nights, as soon as they are in bed, I have all I can do to lay on the couch and watch a show with M. I know its just the stages they are at -- L is coming into his "three-nager" stage. And boy is his attitude starting to shine! S is still our dramatic girl, although she's starting to settle a bit, which is a nice change. And I know school and dance are doing wonders for her -- in only a few short weeks, I can see how much she is learning, which is incredible! Kids are sponges! One of these days, I will be begging to have the days back when  the kids were waking me up at 545am, because they just wanted to spend THAT MUCH extra time with Mom. Or at least thats what I'm telling myself right now.

Lord, when that day comes, please remind me that sleep is necessary, and I can just enjoy my time with them {as much as they'll allow at that age} later in the day!


s: look! i can do a cartwheel.
*failed attempt*
daddy: i really wish someone would teach that child how to do a cartwheel ... im tired of seeing her donkey-kick the air ...

picking up sister from her church class:
l: lemme hold sissy's tag.
l: what is dat? dat a cupcake!
mommy: are you a cupcake?
l: nooooo!
mommy: are you sure? i bet you taste like a cupcake!
l: no -- i taste like a sausage!

again, at dinner time:
S: God is good, God is great ... thank for the food. Amen.
Mom: You know -- you are supposed to say Grace before eating ...
S: but ... if I don't like the food, why should I thank Jesus for it?

spilling everyone's secrets:
S: Pappy isn't going to die, right?
Mom: No, sweetie. Why would you worry about that.
S: Well ... he did something bad. Really bad.
Mom: He did?
S: He threw something. At Target.... and it BROKE!
Mom: ...
S: That's bad!


It's Friday -- which means the weekend is upon us. Ours will be full of family visits, a birthday party complete with cousins and a bounce house, church, and a big lunch with friends. As well as a phone call to Mimi and Papa. Satisfying, I'd say. What about you -- what are your weekend plans?


  1. Donkey kick the air!!? Haha that is a great description of a failed cartwheel.