05 September 2014

"Troublesome Threes" Trumps "Terrible Twos"

When S was little, people always warned about the "terrible twos" -- but as two approached, although there were a few more tantrums, a couple time-outs and some choice "no's" from her, it really wasn't that bad. Three was more of the magic number for her. The tantrums got longer. The voice louder. The attitude stronger. As well as the stubborn will-power. And without fail, it seems the same is coming true for L.

Lately, the time-outs have come more often. Marching his little feet down the hall to his room is not his favorite thing to do, and he sits and sulks on his bed, bottom lip stuck out, while he cries for a moment. He's picking up attitudes and behaviors from both his sister, and his little friends. And while those things can be for the good, they can also be for the bad. Like hitting. Throwing toys. And a few choice words.

Just the other day, it was closing in on bed time. I was in L's room taking care of some laundry, and asked him to start picking up his toys. He ignored me, so I spoke up, looking right at him, and repeated myself. He stared at me ... as if I was speaking a different language, and then told me, "No. You can do it yourself." And then he left the room.

Honestly, I was beside myself, and trying not to laugh! Where did that come from?! Eventually, I got him back in his room to clean the mess -- but not before he put up a bigger fight.

He'll be three in January ... so it's really about that time. The time for his stubborn streak to start rearing its head. For the tantrums and boundary-pushing to progress. I only hope I can take what I learned the first time around, with his sister, and keep on keeping on. This stage doesn't last forever, and really, once you look past the moodiness and loud noise, its one of the more fun stages!

L -- keep on snuggling your Mama at bedtime. Always ask if you can read me stories in your bed. Don't stop wrapping your arms around me, rubbing my back and stroking my hair as you hug and love me, your Mama. Because at the end of the day, those are the moments I remember and think about most. No matter how many battles we encountered that day!


  1. I love that you look at the bright side and are enjoying the little special moments.

  2. It's like we live parallel lives.. I love the snuggle moments. They make up for then entire snotty day.