08 September 2014

Seeing Friends, Shopping and See-Saw-ing: Our Weekend in Review

Good Monday Morning! Its crazy how fast the weekend seemed to fly by, at least around here. We managed to keep busy, and have some fun, all while trying to avoid this never-ending heatwave that's been "plaguing" us here in North Carolina. We went shopping for Halloween costumes, and managed to grab up an Elsa costume before all the local stores sell out of them. And L found Iron Man in his size -- so he was pleased, too. Go figure -- they had those cute Spider-man costumes with the built-in muscles ... I was dying from the cute. But none in his size. Ah well. We spent some time visiting with friends for a birthday party -- which unfortunately, was outside. The heat and humidity and the bugs got to us after awhile, even as the sun went down, but the kids had a blast -- and thoroughly needed a bath when we got home. There was dirt in places I didn't know it could get it!

Saturday morning M went out dove hunting. Granted, he came home with nothing ... but he had a decent time with the guys, so essentially, that's all that really matters. And the kids and I spent some time driving around and yardsale-ing. I love finding vintage kids' books -- and we lucked out with one this time, too. A puzzle for L. Some little Strawberry Shortcake dolls for S. Everyone came home with something. And I got a major surprise Saturday afternoon -- the house to myself! I didn't even know what to do with myself while the kids got to enjoy some time out with their Dad at the movies and dinner!

Sunday after church, we finally put together the kids new see-saw. Thanks to the incoming rain, we didn't take it outide, but because of its compact-ish size, and our open kitchen floor plan, we were able to move the table out of the way and let them play for awhile on it. They LOVED it and are begging for me to get it out ASAP.

Its raining more today -- and its Monday, which means plenty of cleaning to be done. The kids will enjoy some movies, and probably the see-saw, all morning. We have a preschool meeting this evening, and probably the least busy week for us all month. So hopefully the weather will cool down and we'll be able to enjoy some down time!

The weekend: How did it treat You?!


  1. I love the new see-saw! They look like they love it.