03 September 2014

Tiny Dancer

... And just like that, the next generation of ballerinas has graced the stage! Yesterday, after months and years of begging for lessons, S started her very first dance class! Because of the new time slot that was just created, there are only four girls in her class -- which really, is perfect! They have a ton of fun, and from where I was sitting, could see them prancing around in circles to fun music, wearing silly hats and learning all kinds of new things! Within the hour-long class, they break it down into 20 minutes of tap, 20 minutes of ballet, and 20 minutes of acrobats. Which is kind of fun -- it gives them a taste of it all, to see where their real interests lie.

This little ballerina couldn't be any happier -- and has been telling the whole world "I do BALLET!"


  1. Oh my gosh! How beautiful! Sounds like a great class too, with a little bit of everything!

  2. Awww yay!!! She is such a cutie.