01 August 2014

Things We're Looking Forward To: August

August has long been one of my favorite months! It helps that today, the very first day, is my birthday! 28 and counting -- and not cringing in the least. The closer I get, I just keep thinking: "Bring on the 30s! They are going to be my prime!" and I'm sticking to that! But the weather around here this month is looking like its going to be quite mild for a southern 'end of summer' -- and I can't say that I mind! Sure, I love the heat ... but we've done without too many 100+ degree days of summer this year, and those, my friend, are the days I *don't* enjoy! Anyways -- our August calendar is really starting to fill up, with good, less than stellar, and the downright "tedious but needs to get done" kind of things! So here's what we're actually looking forward to in August: 

- making homemade ice cream 
- celebrating my birthday {however grown ups actually celebrate!} 
- registration for S's evening church program 
- getting together with MOPS moms for a fun day of planning and fellowship 
- visiting with family 
- getting to the county fair and petting all the livestock! 
- our MOPS kick-off event full of bounce houses and face painting galore 
- three kids birthdays all on the same day (we might get cake-d out)

And hopefully in there, we'll be able to squeeze in some time at the lake, maybe a little fishing, and plenty of time outside. This summer sunshine has been so good for our souls! A little "birthday month" shopping never hurt anyone, either -- amiright?! 

What are YOU looking forward to in August? 


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good day. I think August is going to fly for you! So many fun things to do. I'm trying to be optimistic about our August. We have a lot of changes coming our way.

  2. Here is to an amazing August!

  3. School! ;-) Ha! But also a minor league baseball game, the Renaissance Faire, kids fishing derby, and whatever other new fun things we find to do in our new home!

  4. Sounds like a great August! I'm looking forward having my hubby home!!!!!