05 August 2014

... And Just Like That, We Added Another

My birthday was Friday -- but the day wound up being extremely uneventful. M was working, the kids and I had a ton of non-fun errands to run. It was rainy and overcast and cool all day. Safe to say, I was getting a little worried that if that day was setting the tone for year 28, I might be in trouble. 

But yesterday, being M's day off after a 3-day work weekend, he surprised me with a gift that I had no idea was coming. He had taken S out for a little "father-daughter" time, while L and I ran to Walmart for a quick errand. We had only been there a few moments when M called and asked how soon we would be home. They had picked me out a gift and were too excited to wait for me to get home to give it to me. So we hurried up and got home. 

And when I walked through the door, they were holding this sweet boy: 

Everyone, meet Victor! They rescued him from a kill-shelter, as he was just days away, really, from being put down. He had been there for a couple months, and kept being passed over because he was so big. But honestly, they are all missing out. He has been the sweetest cat -- loves snuggles and to be scratched under his chin. He is full of purrs and love. And unless they are extremely hyper, the kids don't seem to bother him, either! Which is definitely a plus -- and the kids?! They are in love with him already! 

He's got all his shots, been neutered, micro-chipped, and house broken. Seriously, was in the house less than an hour and knew where the food was, the litter box, and had already secured his hiding spot under our bed, as well. 

Happy Birthday to me -- and welcome to the family, Victor! 


  1. I'm not gonna lie...I'm not a cat person.......but Victor sure is a cutie. I wouldn't kick him off my porch ;) lol

  2. What a great gift. I'm sure the kids are super excited to have a pet. I'm glad you could save him :)